X Series for EMS

In the ever-changing world of EMS, you need to ensure the monitor/defibrillator you buy today will keep pace with the progressive vision of pre-hospital care.

Features for today and tomorrow
RADS present these X series monitor/defibrillator which addresses EMS needs now and moving forward. Likely half the weight of what you carry today, X Series delivers the capabilities you expect from a full-featured monitor designed for use with all patient types, from neonates through adults.

X Series features:
Real CPR help technology nearly triples the odds of your patients surviving cardiac arrest1 Open 12-lead capabilities reduces time-to-balloon by interfacing with all leading ECG management and STEMI systems Cutting-edge open communication, including integrated WiFi, simplifies transmission and charting Remote view functionality allows clinicians to see real time screen via a cellular or WiFi connection